Why Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is changing the way businesses attract new customers.  Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and most of them are already smartphones.  Soon mobile devices will be the main way that people access the internet!

Why Mobile Marketing?  Mobile Marketing Leads To Action!

Mobile marketing delivers results because people love to search on their mobile device and they do it with the intent to take action.  In fact, this study found that 95 percent of smartphone users conduct restaurant searches. It also found that 90 percent of these users “convert within the day,” meaning they go out to eat. Perhaps more striking is the fact that 64 percent were found to convert either “immediately” or “within one hour.”  

Mobile marketing attracts customers who are ready to buy!

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January 14, 2014
I thought I would share some feedback on a great tool you developed for myTeam Triumph.
I am so excited to share with you that recently in our quest to find more Angels for the up coming Denver Broncos Back to Football Run on September 7th, I had a young lady that had participated in the Denver Donor Dash 5K on July 21st, reach out to me wanting to sign up.  She was able to reach out to me because I had the opportunity to share this application with her while she visited at our booth, inquiring about our organization. I strongly believe this will be a great tool that will help us get more people involved. Great job!


- myTeam Triumph- Rocky Mountain Chapter- Hadyra Stinebuck