About Jeff Hopp

Jeff Hopp is mobile marketing specialist located in Denver Colorado who helps businesses leverage cutting edge technology and proven marketing strategies and techniques to increase sales and profitability.

Jeff Hopp

Jeff is a Local Marketing Consultant and Published Author based in Denver, CO. He works with local businesses to help them leverage the mobile revolution with cutting edge technology including mobile apps and local search engine optimization to increase sales. Jeff has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience ranging from medical marketing to financial services and mortgage lending and has generated over $500M in online and offline transactions.

Why Mobile Marketing Is important

Did you know: Nearly 50% of all mobile phone users now have smartphones? That number is set to drastically increase in the very near future… And over 95% of them use their phones daily to access the web, research businesses and services and buy items online. This is not some fad or craze…this is happening right now. And if your website is not mobile friendly you WILL be left behind.

Why mobile marketing?

Traditional websites are incredibly slow to load on smartphone and if your site doesn’t show up right away people will look elsewhere for a solution, which is why mobile marketing is so important today. It’s time to go mobile!  If you are ready to discover exactly what you can do today to easily keep up with the fast changing time, make sure your business is safe and start getting more customers in this quickly growing market place, contact us today!

Why Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is changing the way businesses attract new customers.  Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and most of them are already smartphones.  Soon mobile devices will be the main way that people access the internet!

Why Mobile Marketing?  Mobile Marketing Leads To Action!

Mobile marketing delivers results because people love to search on their mobile device and they do it with the intent to take action.  In fact, this study found that 95 percent of smartphone users conduct restaurant searches. It also found that 90 percent of these users “convert within the day,” meaning they go out to eat. Perhaps more striking is the fact that 64 percent were found to convert either “immediately” or “within one hour.”


Mobile marketing attracts customers who are ready to buy!