Reputation Marketing vs. Reputation Management

What’s the difference between reputation marketing and reputation management? I’m sure you’ve heard these terms thrown around, maybe even interchangeably, but they are two distinct fields of online marketing that are very important to your business. Let’s examine them more closely.

What Is Reputation Marketing?

First we’ll start off with reputation marketing. One of the most important things you can do as a local business is to get good reviews online. And not just “good” reviews, I mean GREAT reviews. You need to do everything in your power to ensure you deliver the service and product to your customers so that they will reward you with a 5 star review. Every single time. I know in your head you’re thinking, “I have a couple mildly negative reviews….so what? So does everyone else!” Exactly! So does everyone else. If you were a restaurant owner, you wouldn’t want to market your food as “average”, would you? Same thing goes for your reputation. You don’t market an “average” reputation. You only market a stellar reputation. It’s up to you and your staff to make sure your customers walk away with a 5 star experience. There are also ways to weigh the odds in your favor by “helping” your satisfied customers find the review site of your preference, and so on!

Picture this: You're standing in line waiting at the bank, and you overhear someone talking about how bad their experience was at your business. Would you say something to try to rectify the situation? You would, wouldn’t you? That’s because your business is important to you, and you saw an opportunity to fix a problem with a customer. (On a side note, if you answered “No”…I’m going to go ahead and say you need to find a different calling!)


 On To Reputation Management

 If you saw a bad review online, you’d want to do something about it, in the same way that you would say  something at the bank! This is, in essence, reputation management. After you build the 5 star reputation  and market the heck out of it, you need to manage it. This means checking constantly to ensure you are  receiving great reviews, and finding negative ones so you can take steps to mitigate damage. Don’t think  for one second you can’t change someone’s mind about their 1 star review. There are steps you can take  as a business owner to recover those people and turn them from lost customers into repeat customers,  even referrals!

 Again, the difference between reputation marketing and reputation management is this: you build a stellar  reputation that you market; you manage that stellar reputation to keep it that way.

 Marketing and managing your business reputation is one key step to gaining more customers and making  more money. Contact us today to see how we can help build and preserve the reputation of your  business!




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