Semi-Custom VS Custom Apps

How many different types of apps are there?

In the world of mobile device apps, there are two types – semi-custom apps and custom apps. Semi-custom apps offer a wide range of features that a business or professional can choose to implement. These features range from coupons, to location based pushed notifications, to instant order placement. They're also a more affordable option for some business and can be built and launched quite quickly.

With custom apps – the sky is the limit. Whatever idea or feature the business dreams up can be created for a fully custom app. Whether you want an app that unlocks and starts your car, or can even order a pizza; it can be done. Because of this fully customizable nature, this type of app can sometimes take significantly longer to build and can cost more depending on the features and functions the client wants to offer their customers.

Which type of app is best for a small business or professional?

Because of the more affordable nature, most small businesses tend to lean towards the semi-customizable option. Even though this option has its limitations, it still offers a host of powerful features a client can utilize. Because of mobile apps in general, businesses are seeing an increase in effeciency and productivity making having their own app a solid investment in new technology. 

The online world moves very rapidly. As more and more people utilize their smartphone or tablet PC as their portal to the internet, it has become imparative for small businesses and professionals to keep pace with these changes by going mobile themselves. A semi-custom app or a fully custom app is a fantastic tool to ensure any small business maintains a foothold in the marketplace by offering a means for direct contact with their customers through a wide range of features.



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